• Simulation of Future Hydropower Mokrice
  • Virtual City of Ljubljana
  • Crisis Response Operations Simulator
  • Simulation of Future Hydropower Brežice
  • Virtual Battlefield Simulator
  • Simulation of Nuclear Power Plant JEK2
  • Visualization of Sailboat Elan 45
  • Crisis Management Simulator

Logon Company

Logon unites experts from various disciplines of information technology with the experience of over 20 years. The core business is development of advanced software solutions adapted to the specific requirements of customers. Logon provides an extensive range of services and complete information support in various business processes

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Pharma/Medical Sales Tool

Successful software solution adapted to the specific needs of the pharma/medical sales process. Designed as on-demand easy to use software that can run on different mobile devices. Proven to increase pharma/medical sales force effectiveness by providing organized visits preparation and efficient discussion at the visits. Enables supervision control of all sales activities on the field.

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Digital Signage Network for Lottery

Custom made information system for digital signage which is adapted to the needs of the Slovenian Lottery. Increases sales by activating customers with digital content at the point of sale. Enables easy creation of media content from different sources, remote content management and playback at a specific time on any number of screens.

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