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Gregor Krnec
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Logon unites experts from various disciplines of information technology with the experience of over 20 years. The core business is development of advanced software solutions adapted to the specific requirements of customers. Logon provides an extensive range of services and complete information support in various business processes.

Our capital is our customers. For this reason our fundamental principle is the concern for our customers. We pay absolute attention to their growth and satisfaction. We endeavor to achieve these objectives through the constant maintenance, consultation, education, and analysis, of their needs and goals.

We offer our customers the development of software solutions which are suited to their needs. During the initial phase of software development we analyze the customer's current information systems and create adequate connections.

For software systems developed by us, we provide assistance in all phases of its implementation. We provide education and training for personnel and the installation of test environments. Our experts monitor, assist, and supervise, the transition from the test environment into the operational environment.

We also create presentations for our customers' needs. Internal presentation can be intended for their business partners, employees, or it may be used in the training and education process. We can create effective presentations of various business processes or presentations of customers' products, services, and projects.

Our intention is to establish long-term business relations with our customers, which are based upon the constant exchange of information. Our experts constantly monitor the development of information technologies and strive to enrich their level of knowledge. This allows us to consistently provide quality support assistance.

Our principal services are:

  • Customized software
  • Mobile apps
  • Web development
  • Marketing solutions
  • Visualizations
  • Virtual Reality
  • Training simulators
  • Research and Development

Slovenian Research Agency appointed Logon in a research organization. Our scientific researchers can offer services on domestic and international research projects in areas (CERIF): T120 Systems engineering, computer technology; P170 Computer science, numerical analysis, systems control and P175 Informatics, systems theory.