Numismatic software

  • For numismatists in museums, institution with large collections of monetary material and private collections.
  • Enables direct enter of all the relevant data connected with coin, banknote, medal, etc., into the database.
  • Quick searches can be made according to any possible information requirement.
  • Management of data is performed according to built-in parameters, which correspond to standards of various international numismatic projects and catalogues.
  • All special mint - mark symbols, monograms as well as countermarks, are incorporated into the program.
  • Provides the analysis of numerous numismatic data.
  • Enables data management for more than 200.000 items.
  • Enables the production of distribution maps for the area of a whole country or for an archeological stratum.
  • Enables the automatic transmission and storage of weight data from the electronic scale Mettler.
  • Enables printing of documentation cards, coin bags, acquisition, inventory books and paginated print-ready catalogues.

Success story

Together with the National Museum of Slovenia we developed a successful Windows-based programming solution called NUMIZ which is providing the support in documenting numismatic material from all regional museums, institutions with large collections and private collections in Slovenia. It is also being successfully used in Croatia by the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb and the Archaeological Museum at Split.