Pharma/Medical Sales Tool

Is an effective software solution adapted to the specific needs of the pharma/medical sales process. Designed as on-demand easy to use software that can run on different mobile devices. Proven to increase pharma/medical sales force effectiveness by providing organized visits preparation and efficient discussion at the visits. Enables supervision control of all sales activities on the field.

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Crisis Management Trainer

Uses simulation model that provides the interactive education, enhancement, and monitoring of emergency disaster response and protection of critical infrastructure. It enables computer assisted exercises for rehearsal of various crisis scenarios for different emergency entities. It is focused on planning the correct response for unforeseen man made or natural disasters.


Visual Inf. System for Energy

Consists of virtual manuals, visual simulations, visualizations and videos for use in professional training and technical support and has a positive financial effect because greatly contributes to the improved qualification level of personnel and to general safety. Proven to be very helpful for project planning and presentations and can be used to ensure a more favorable response from the public.

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Numismatic software

Intended for use by numismatists in museums or institutions with large collections of monetary material. Enables to manage all the relevant data into the databases for coins, banknotes, medals, etc., as well as all archaeological data connected with the exact provenience of the coin. Management of data is performed according to built-in parameters which correspond to standards of various international numismatic projects and catalogues.

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Crisis Response Operations Simulator

Enables computer assisted exercises where military personnel can perform group training of proper tactical procedures on various crisis scenarios in peacekeeping missions. This modern teaching method demonstrates operating conditions and real world events in virtual environments. Helps to improve decision, sensomotorical and communication skills while performing combat and non-combat tasks.

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Appointment Customer Engine

Core engine for creating software solutions for different business areas with features from Customer Appointment Management (CAM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Contact Management (CM) and Sales Management (SM). Designed as a contact-centric database that provide a fully integrated approach to tracking of all appointment information, history, communication, presentation activities, sales planning and reports, linked to contacts.


Digital Signage Network

Offers a network of electronic displays which are centrally managed for presenting dynamic digital content to targeted audiences at the points of sale for sales, advertising and marketing purposes. Dynamic digital content can be easily created from a creative multimedia inventory (audio, video, animation, font, image, and graphics). It can be displayed via control software which enables remote content management and playback at a specific time on any number of screens.

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Virtual Battlefield

Simulation system provides real-time training for mechanized infantry units for different armed forces on different virtual training ground and conditions of activity. Training scenarios enable diversification and correctness of education. Emphasis is put on interactivity and display of actual battlefield condition in virtual environment. Serves as complete overview and control over the adequacy of tactical training.


Decision Support System

Represent integrated decision support system for water management. Focused mainly in evaluating and managing quality risk contaminated by water pollution. Enables management of contaminated aquifers by integration of source tracking, monitoring tools and decision strategies.