mobile apps
visual inf.

Customized software

Customized software solutions that are perfectly adjusted for the specific problem or for the enterprise as a whole. Software development is centred on the customer requirements while simultaneously taking into account the connections with their existing systems.

Mobile Apps

Convenient and easy to use mobile apps for the iPad, iPhone, and Android mobile devices. Developed as cross-platform modern apps that are usually focused on solving one unique task. Small by design and therefore quick to download and update.

Visual Information Systems

Management tools for easy delivering of complex visual data for education, technical support and public relation purposes. Provide a simple, controlled and uniform access to search among graphical, video, and 3D contents. Represent modern aid in delivering technical and business documentation.

Web Development

Development of complex web sites that includes responsive web design, web content development, database design, client-side/server-side scripting, network security, and maintenance.

Marketing Solutions

Modern marketing solutions that use advanced visual information technology to present and promote customer projects, services, and products. Enable interactive visual presentations that can appear in diverse modern media.


Computer graphics for the communication of ideas, data or products through the visual display of information. Provide valuable insights into future projects, allowing new and innovative ways of presentation.

Virtual Reality

Immersive and highly visual 3D environments which can be explored and interacted with sensory stimuli. Virtual environments can be similar to the real world in order to create lifelike experience. Presented on a computer screen or stereoscopic displays.

Training Simulators

Interactive real-time imitations of a real world processes or systems for effective and efficient training. Enable learning valuable lessons in a safe virtual environment with lifelike experience. Errors within the virtual world are not costly, whereas in the real one they may be critical.

Research and Development

As appointed by Slovenian Research Agency, we can provide research services in areas: Systems engineering, computer technology; Computer science, numerical analysis, systems control; Informatics, systems theory.