Crisis Response Operations Simulator

  • A safe and cost-effective training method.
  • Tactics and procedures training in a virtual environment.
  • Interactive theoretical education and mission preparation.
  • Group training on computer assisted exercises.
  • Simulated asymmetric threats from insurgents and evasive maneuvers.
  • Integrated voice communication system.
  • Very realistic virtual copy of actual environment for proper situational awareness.
  • System modularity allows easy upgrades.
  • Comprehensive exercise analysis allows full review of trainees level of preparedness.
  • Language file system for simultaneous training of users from different language areas.
  • Adaptability for new training needs, situations and locations.
  • Simple tactical plan preparation and execution.
  • Interoperability according to HLA standards.

Success story

Logon successfully developed the training simulation system for the Slovenian Ministry of Defence which was adapted for the characteristics and needs of the Slovenian Armed Forces on ISAF peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan. The CROS system is successfully achieving a goal of making an understandable, intuitive and visual way to display the complex data which describe crisis response operations. It is intended for training, support and planning of correct response procedures against asymmetric threats.