Visual Information System for Energy

  • Serve as an aid to the needs of education, training, technical support, and public relation activities in energy sector.
  • Consists of visual contents in a form of virtual manuals, visual simulations, visualizations and videos.
  • Provides the user with a simple, controlled, and uniform, access, to search among graphical, video and 3D contents in a digital form.
  • It is upgradeable, multileveled, and adaptable to the customer specific requirements.
  • Conceptualized as intranet solution with controlled transfer of selected content to the internet.
  • Greatly contributes to the improved qualification level of personnel and to general safety.
  • Suitable for planning and interactive presentations of projects in energy sector at public disclosures.
  • Positive financial effect.

Success story

Logon has successfully elaborated visual information system for the future hydro power plants at the middle and the lower section of the Sava River for the HSE Group (Holding Slovenske elektrarne). Since the physical environment will be substantially altered by the projects, its visual presentation is of great importance. Virtual manuals, visual simulations and visualizations of 14 future hydro power plants present -to the expert and to the layman alike - the actual conditions after the construction. Visual information system effectively provides full support in the public disclosures of projects, enables very important feedback information and ensures a more favorable response from the public. It also serves as an important part of technical and business documentation for the planning and construction process.